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Looking for well-designed stickers or activity charts to please your students? Or are you a parent looking for some great quality projects to keep your little ones busy on those long afternoons? You've come to the right place. At Incento Magic, we're focused on producing the most adorable kid-friendly activity sets and stickers that you will come to appreciate and that your kids will come to love.

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As a teacher who is constantly on the lookout for friendly stickers that are suitable for my students, I've come to realize that the Incento Magic brand is superior to all the rest. I only recommend them to fellow teachers.

Morah Blumie - Kindergarden Teacher

When it comes to finding the perfect stickers for a project or chart, we all know that we'll definitely find what we are looking for with Incento. We're constantly sharing our finds with each other in the teacher's lounge and time and time again - it's Incento that wins!

Mrs. Friedman - 7th Grade Teacher

It's not easy having all 4 home on snowy days or midwinter vacation. I always keep a stash of Incento Activity Kits hidden for these kinds of days! They make activity kits for all different ages, so they are all kept busy for hours on end. It's a pleasure!

Rochel L - Proud mother of 4:)



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